Here's to a greener home.

reneue is a lifestyle tracking app that empowers and motivates users to make daily sustainable living choices to reduce their ecological footprint. Daily logs, in addition to community efforts and fun educational quizzes, enable users to see how their seemingly small contributions can have a global impact.

Target audience:

Environmentally-friendly, health-conscious, millenials, students, young professionals


  • Help users gradually make more informed and sensible choices for their health and environment
  • Easy to log information on a daily basis
  • Allow users to assess progress in a way that helps them understand their impact and improve it moving forward


Upon sign up, reneue takes the user through a series of questions to determine their unique ecological footprint. Results are sourced from the Footprint Calculator by the Global Footprint Network. Customized recommendations are then produced, targeting the user's largest categories of energy consumption.

Weekly Challenges

Weekly challenges enable users to achieve bite-size goals throughout the week and be rewarded with points upon completion. Users can choose whether or not to accept new weekly challenges, while tracking those in progress and those completed.


Users can access fun educational quizzes and tips, recipes, and other resources on sustainable living under the Discover tab.


Users can easily log their daily living choices via three categories: food, housing, and transportation through the “+” button. Previous logs and daily step counts are accessible through the Profile tab at the bottom right.


reneue promotes a “better together” mentality. By focusing on the communal aspect rather than “me vs the world,” it empowers users to work as a team beginning with self-improvement. Global and friend statistics can be accessed through the Community tab.

Profile Overview

User profile details and level progress are available under the Profile tab, along with log history and rewards which tracks point accumulation and milestones.

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